Final Splinterlands investment! Did buy a bunch of Untamed packs

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The selling of the last Untamed packs does go pretty fast. So fast that I do expect them to sell out within the week. Maybe even faster and can it beat the end of this season. We did see this with the beta packs, who did sell like sweet candies at the last days.

My investment!

I decided to purchase a lot of 100 Untamed Packs. This way I do get a bonus of 10.
My investment did cost me around 510 Hive, which I did purchase on the market. So it took some time to convert the Hive to DEC, I did pay on average 0.00254 Hive per DEC.

There are a lot of possible options, what I will do with the packs. In first instance I did decide to open 14 of those (I did already purchased 4 yesterday with some earned DEC).
The other will remain unopened.

As we look at the value of the Beta packs, they do have a value of 28 Hive per pack. I did bought my untamed at 5,08 Hive per Untamed pack.
So, I do hope to make a profit out of it. After the airdrop of the governance token, I will see what I will do with them.

By owing 100 of these beauties, I will get 60000 SPS.
After that I can open in the worst case, 100 packs, good for 500 cards.
So I do think that I did made a good investment, but of course this does stay crypto and only time will tell.

Since I did buy the pack this morning and now the time of writing this post, another 3500 packs have been sold. Telling Usan Bolt would have troubles catching up!

The opening of the 14 packs

So 14 packs were opened, with the support of lots of potions!
60 cards in total.

I did get 2 of these:


These 2 alone are already good for a little bit over $32, around 26 euro. So I did recuperate already some of my investment.

Also did get 4 golden cards.
In total the revealing was good for $42.79 or 35 Euro.

If you do want some untamed packs, better hurry because they will sell out fast!
Time will tell if this was a smart move or not, but at the moment I do think that I took the right decision.
Even doubting if I will buy another 100 or not. Still have some USDT lying around after the FORTH airdrop.


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