Day 2 of the new Splinterlands season: Earnings $3.75, season total $11.99

in #spt29 days ago

The second day of the season is already written in the history books. Of course this was a lesser day than yesterday, but still very happy with it!

Alt account

Too bad 3 potions with the Alt account. More or less useless. But on the other side also a nice Naga Assassin.
5 cards so far this season, good for a value of $3.22. The 7 extra DEC does bring the season total on 40 DEC ($0.22).

Main account

8 cards for the main account does bring the season total on 13. The 14 extra DEC brings that total on 61. While I am happy with the cards, I secretly do miss those massive DEC chests.
The daily reward was good for $1.94, lifting the season total to $10.71.

Overall, after only 2 days, the earnings are $11.99. So on average almost $6 a day!