Daily rewards! Day 1 earnings: $9.63

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Well a new season has started in Splinterland's world! Like always we all start with high expectations, in our imagination there is a Golden Foil Legendary hidden in all chests we are about to open. Such high expectations that we are surprised why a chest isn't shaking when we hover over it with our mouse!

Just like all previous season I will playing with my main and alt account! The alt account did just start from only the spell book, the main account is an account in which I did invest heavily but luckily for me it is free rolling now! I will make probably one more investment when the Chaos Legends packs are out and that will be about it! The war chest is filled with $600, which is the max I am willing to invest.

Both account still have around 79 days left with 5 extra reward chest due to the purchase of 100 quest potions. These were bought in the time that you still could buy them with everything and much cheaper than now!

So let's see how the season has started!

Alt account

Like written above I does only play in Bronze League, so normally only 1 reward chest. Potions are considered useless because I don't have any plans to buy packs with this account, so cards and DEC do matter. So 3 cards and 33 DEC isn't a bad start. The problem I will have with this account is that I probably will need to invest into summoners. There is no use combining all the reward cards if the summoner stay at level 1.
Day 1 earnings: $0.697

Main account

The main account did start in Gold II. A level higher than last season.
Happy with the 47 DEC but this could have been higher. Very happy with the golden Pelacor Mercenary. 6 cards out of 12 is spot on.
So an excellent start, we can't expect a golden foil each day or can we?

Day 1 earnings: $8.94

Will try to keep track of all rewards for a season long, giving me a better insight of my earnings!