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I have moved all my content away from the now centralized and controlled Steem blockchain to the decentralized Hive blockchain.


Greetings, grand @flauwy

Excelent idea, man!!!! I think it can help a lot all people that make content for help SteemMonsters players.

thank you and have a good night

Added my spt account to the trail. Is this trail followed by the @steemmonsters account? Because I don’t see it in the follower list.

No it is not followed by @steemmonsters. However, while Steemmonsters has currently ZERO #spt staked or delagted, we have already 1,175,000 SPT supporting @monster-curator!

I repeat: 1.175 MILLION SPT!

That is awesome!! Here was a post I made in response to your 1000 games in one post.. I basically tried to come up with as many ideas that I could, but was nowhere near 1000. 😆

Ideas for using Splinterlands cards outside of Splinterlands!

This is awesome! Was literally just searching for a good cure ration trail and, boom, here it is. I just powered up a ton of SPT so the timing could not be better. Above all, this will be a great reward for quality content!

This is a great development. Been offline for a while . Hope to return fully Soo. And enjoy playing the games

great idea!
I just put 10 dollar in my second steemmonsters account. so there is not much i can add to the trail. but i follow it anyway.

Very cool idea!

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