SM card giveaway contest

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To register, make a comment about when you like to use this monter the most. Up to three creeping oozes may be given away in this contest.

By registering, you give me authorization to use that information in where I intend to build a tutorial hub, etc.

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I take Creeping Ooze in many situation when I have one Mana left, he is usefull in nearly every ruleset. Even by reverse speed - I put him than in front so he can attack maybe once and in every case take away one attack from the next monster. In Super Sneak or Melee Mayham it's cool to have 2 attack (without buff) for only 1 Mana - this is only topped by the furious chicken you have same attack for 0 Mana (but unfornately it's for me a fare way to get furious chicken to max level ...) - Just another question: I was today at steemmonstersclub-website … the possibiltiy to play their against other players (and some more f.e. to subscripe for 3 STEEM) doesn't exist anymore or have I overseen something ?

Melee Mayhem and Super Sneak.
Malric makes it a two atk monster for one mana

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Nearly-free damage!


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Because you can kill the tank more faster, the enemy has slowed

Ooze seems like a good choice if your opponent is using cards with a faster attack than what you are working with. But I could be dead wrong since I just picked up the game a week or so ago

Yes, your monsters will miss their attacks less often.

I use it every time I have spare mana. As simple as that.

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Agreed. If you already picked your strongest cards for that splinter but still have 1 mana left, it's good to have an ooze you can add.

I use it when I buy the starter kit.

Hey @felipejoys, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!