nice im rich

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If this continues with the quest then I do not need to go to work tomorrow, ahahahahah_gg.PNG

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flagged for bid bot abuse (rocky1), @steemflagrewards

An upvote sometimes needs explanation :) That's absolutely true! I did use bots.

If you scan my posting history, you can see that I post(ed) rarely, and I used bids with relatively small amounts of steem on almost all my posts, until last 2 or 3 in utopian-io category. Classic theme there: after reading various posts, I thought that bots help you in gaining attention. Then, check the effect: almost zero networking impact. When I started developing "blagominer" and posted that under utopian-io OSS support initiative, I took extra care to post about releases that took effort to develop and were worth posting. I literally spent tens of hours on each one, and I'm sure it was worth both utopian's reward and a extra few % from bots. But even with botting the last post to the sky, I gained more audience and people's interest by chatting with users on Discord for a few days than by that bidbotted posts.

That's why I precisely know that using bid-bots is not about gaining audience, it's about guaranteeing ROI and that just makes misuse of the "social" platform much easier. Bid bots in their current shape are inherently exploitable and that's the problem. I used them on posts that had some quality, or that could be considered eligible for some rewards, but that was only my good will. I could just post any other random things and bid-bot them just the same, and that's the problem. There's no difference for bots, and there's no difference for potential readers behind the bots, if there are any at all.

Elsewhere you wrote:

Everyone wants to see good content, but I've been browsing all the trails in the last 2 months and have not seen anything good. really nothing.

Exactly.. most bots, and also most trails, are just automated for farming votes and providing ROI for the "authors" who created that bot or trail. And once it's automated, it doesn't matter what "authors" post there, hence the quality and amount of actual good content drops quickly. Also, looking from the other side, when a user delegates vote to a trail - means that this user probably won't be reading those posts. If user wanted to read them, the auto-voting trail wouldn't be needed in the first place, user would just click on a tag or tribe or whatever and read posts and click some votes while reading. So, an auto-voting trail is for gaining rewards for not-really-reading-things. Just as bad as the bid bots.


if it is forbidden to buy votes (...)

That's another problem.. It actually is NOT forbidden. The platform has such option, so it's built-in and possible = not forbidden. If it was, it would be removed from steem by its developers. It actually eludes me why it is not forbidden. It's probably because steem developers and (more-or-less) self-proclaimed community managers/moderators are different groups of people. For the developers, any use of the platform is (more-or-less, but still) good, automated or not, as long as it is used and keeps it look vividly alive for a random visitor from on the internet. For the community, it's a plague. Imagine what would happen on Facebook or Youtube if you could sell (delegate) your ability to up/down vote to a random other account.. Actually it is possible, but not that easily with a few clicks, and it's frowned upon both by the FB/YT and by communities staying there. So, it totally eludes me why it's deemed OK here.

But wait, check out the rules for voting for witnesses! hey, those votes cannot be delegated.

(image at the courtesy of, as usual)

Sorry but someone who uses or has used bit bots but others downvotet I call hypocrite. I find your explanations good and thank you for that. but the discussion would have been different if you had first written and then downed. Unfortunately, your comment leaves a very bad aftertaste. Sorry but talk to your like-minded for me you are not serious.

By the way, the photo with the bald head is not deposited with source, so the use of criminal law and copyright infringes

Re photo: strange. I used giphy, and I made sure that it's attributed. Here's how it looks like when I open this GIF URL in browser:

I have no idea, why Giphy chose to display it differently here. I updated my comment to include a note about Giphy. Re image's content, feel free to report it on Giphy. I think that movie is already on public domain, but who knows, maybe not.

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  • bid bot abuse
    You bought votes to increase the rewards of your post above the value of its content.

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