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The Fire Quest (and Gold League II)

Seven Battles, Six Wins, and almost 200 Rate increase


I like my Fire monsters a whole lot. I use Pyre as my Summoner because I've got a Level 3, and my only other Summoner is my starter set Level 1 Malric Inferno (who is great with the +1 Melee attack, but still only Level 1... any and all Malric Inferno giftings to @drjpooch will be gladly received). :)

My point, though, is that Pyre gives +1 speed, which is very helpful, especially if I also use my Creeping Ooze which slows down my opponent's !monster team. Having a speed advantage allows me to attack first, miss less, and be missed more. In the case of the second battle in my Quest, my opponent also used Pyre as Summoner so the +1 speed was net neutral, but at least I was not slower.

The Battle I Lost

The one Battle I lost during today's Quest was at the hand of @wilkinshui. If I was smarter at python and Steem blockchain and such, one of the data analysis I would do is check out my win/loss ratio against various opponents. I know we've battled quite a few times previously but I don't know that I've won or lost more than otherwise. Either way -- my magic attack was neutralized by Lord A and my !monster team got picked off by Snipe. Well played, @wilkinshui.

My Level 8 Loot Chest

The Loot Chest, Unopened (and you can see that I'm using two Legendary Potions, which means the rest of the chests do not contain cards):

And now with all the Treasures revealed!

So, I have 2 less Legendary potions now....

But 1 new one, plus a new Alchemy potion (which increases the potential for Gold). And I have 37 more DEC and a brand new Sea Monster and Exploding Dwarf. Which I can only buy either one or the other of with by new 37 DEC (even though it came from 3 chests). Not complaining. It does seem like I received less than if I had gotten 3 Commons in place of not enough DEC to buy a Common.

In a future Loot Box when I receive all Gold Foil Legendaries and Essence Orbs (which also contain Gold Foil Legendaries), I'll also not be complaining. :)

In other news -- Start following @clove71 (tell all your friends)

In addition to creating lots of great content of her own, @clove71 also resteems and highlights and supports lots of Splinterlandians in not only #steemit, but also all across the interwebs and social medias. In fact, she's got a very recent post about it.

For folks who are active in these various communities and/or creating good content and/or promoting Splinterlands well, she's also quite generous with airdrops and card gifts and all sorts of things, including my brand shiny new Minotaur Warlord. :) Thanks again, @clove71.


That about sums it up. Maybe my next Quest will be Earth?

Happy Battling. :)

If you haven't yet played Splinterlands for some reason, check it out here today!


Frozen soldier.gif
Frozen soldier, GIF created by @clove71

Cool -- that Minotaur Warlord !monster looks great. Hope you get better loot boxes next time and that all of your potions work!

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