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Back to Back Death Quests (still Gold League II)

Rough (Satur) Day


I didn't do any Questing yesterday. :( Was too emotionally beat up from my slog through Saturday battling. And/or was just doing other things (not Splinterlands???). Said Saturday battling was my attempt to complete the Death Quest, and it took me 12 battles -- just barely retaining my Gold League II status. But my final victory was rather satisfying, defeating a Flesh Golem and !monster friends in an Earthquake match.


Much Less Rough (To) Day, though not a great start

I had the Death Quest again today.


And it started out not so good with two defeats. But then I was able to rebound and win five out of six to finish my Quest and stay in Gold League II. I'd really like to make it into Gold League I again before the season ends, but today is not the day. Tomorrow!

My Level 8 Loot Chests from both Death Quests


Not crazy great, but a big improvement on previous loot boxes.....

My new (first) Undead Rexx

This is my first up close and personal sighting of the Undead Rexx !monster. Sort of a zombie version of Rexxie? And there's an Empire Records reference buried in there somewhere, I'm sure. Save the Empire!


That about sums it up. Only 4 days left in the Season!

Let me know in the Comments what you think about the new Undead Rexx Rewards card? Happy Battling. :)

If you haven't yet played Splinterlands for some reason, check it out here today!


Save the Empire! I hope you achieve at least Gold I League today. :) Gitterdunn. !monster

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