Manually Curating for Splinterlands on the Steem Blockchain!

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Hi everyone! One of the reasons I love Splinterlands is there are so many ways to earn free crypto! I am here on the STEEM blockchain doing some manual curation for SM/Splinterlands! This is just one way to earn free crypto with this great TCG! Make a great quality post about Splinterlands and earn upvotes! Great posts and video topics that are helpful to new players to the game such as how to play posts. How to make different teams (especially for bronze leagues,etc.). How to earn free crypto, etc. Comparing Splinterlands to other games are also a great post to make! Make sure you drop them in the #sm-post-promotion channel in Discord. Curators go there to view new posts in that channel. Also, make sure to follow Splinterlands and enter their many contests as you can earn upvotes and Untamed packs by entering them! I have listed the contests below for you as well.

The following Splinterlands posts and videos below have been upvoted by myself and SM/Splinterlands the past few days. Please go check them out and show some Monster love to them all! It takes a lot of time to make great Splinterlands videos and posts so it is very cool when we all show support for them.

View the Splinterlands new updates post HERE.

The awesome Splinterlands Team member and Social media Director @reseller has a great update for the Kickstarter HERE!

Another great and very entertaining Splinterlands video from @bittrio with tons of awesome battles to learn from HERE!

What did @ashikstd get for his loot chests? HERE.

Follow @guurry123 and his Splinterlands journal HERE.

Check out @vcdragon and his tournament recap post HERE.

Check out @transcript-junky and his Splinterlands diary post HERE.

The following Splinterlands posts are official contests from Splinterlands! Follow @splinterlands on Hive and Steem for weekly contests to enter!

Enter this great Splinterlands curation contest and get a chance to win upvotes HERE.

Winners from the Splinterlands art contest HERE.

Try out the Splinterlands Trivia contest and get a chance to win packs HERE.

Get a chance to win upvotes from the weekly battle contest HERE.

When you see these Exploding Fire Dwarf gifs on your Splinterlands post, then you know that I have been there and upvoted your post with an SM/Splinterlands upvote!

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Check out all their features like packs and rewards analyzer here:

View rewards cards going out of print HERE

Splinterlands Discord HERE

Facebook Facebook GroupHERE

Splinterlands Official Facebook Page HERE

Splinterlands Telegram HERE

Immortal Gods IG - HERE

YouTube Splinterlands Content - HERE

3Speak with a Splinterlands Community - HERE

Splinterlands Dtube Content - HERE

I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep