Splinterlands - Straight to Gold I with a good winning streak

in #spt8 months ago

The game favored me very well today. I was able to progress straight to Gold I league today with a good winning streak. I don't know if Fire splinter and Earth splinter was the reason for it because I have a good deck with them. Additionally today I also received Fire splinter as my daily quest splinter and that also added to the progress.


If you see the above image, it is 12 games in a row and that too within a short span of 28 minutes this all happened. I was able to climb up to the Gold I league. Now I will be able to grab 30 loot chests from the quest reward. This time I'm focusing on getting up to the Diamond II league somehow. Every season it always ends up in the Diamond III league for the past three seasons.


Of course, I need more powerful deck to be able to climb faster but there is no harm in wishing to reach there. There are still 10 more days left before the season end and I'm already in Gold I league which is a very good thing for me. If I play consistently I guess I will be able to climb further in this league. With the above 12 games, I also completely drained my Energy Capture rate which is good because yesterday my ECR was sitting idle because I did not spend it properly.


After reaching the Gold I league, I was waiting to open my quest rewards. I received the above cards from the quest rewards. I know they are not very great and it was all full of cards that I hardly use in the battles. But it is okay to have them as they create some value to my deck. It is good that it is not portions this time at least because I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing with the portions yet.

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