Splinterlands - Screeching Vulture and Nectar Queen got an upgrade

in #spt2 years ago

When I say upgraded it doesn't mean that it was magically upgraded. I did upgrade them one by one. Some of the cards I purchased online and some of the cards I received from quest rewards. That's how I upgraded them. Like I keep saying, for the past few months, I have been spending lots of steem and SBD on card purchases. Recently Steem started issuing SBD and with all that SBD I started purchasing many cards.

It is always an interesting activity to purchases cards from the market and upgrades my deck. As part of that activity, today I spent some time in upgrading some of the cards in my deck.

Screeching Vulture

This has always been a great card for me in the games. I was able to somehow bring this card to level 7. This card is also very helpful in the battles.


I purchased some cards from the market and kept them on hold to upgrade the card. Today I was able to find some time and upgraded the card to level 7. My summoner allows me to use monster cards until level 8.

Nectar Queen

This is a new card decorating my deck. I have not seen this card earlier. For the past few rewards, I have been consistently receiving this card in the quest rewards. I have not started using this card in any of the games yet but I feel this will be great when there is a super sneak rule and when melee monsters can attack from any position rule.


For now, with the cards that I currently hold in the deck, I'm going to be upgrading the card to level 2 and as and when I receive more cards, I will upgrade them again to better levels. Currently, I don't see the potential to use this card regularly in the battles.

So, that's it for now and I will continue to purchase some cards from the market and upgrade them. With the current situation that is going on in Steem, I believe that splinterlands investment can be a good option because even if the chain is moved to a different state, the game will somehow exist in any of the chains.