Splinterlands - Purchased and upgraded Beetle Queen to Level 5 for Tank Heal ability

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Beetle Queen is one of the most used cards in my battle formation. If I don't have any other card to use and if there is enough mana available that I can spend, I choose to have Beetle Queen. Now that it gets a tank heal feature, it will be wonderful to have this card in my battle to heal my tanks.


When I was looking for cards to upgrade in my deck, the first deck that comes to my mind is always Fire. The reason can be because it is at the top of the display or it could be because I have a good Fire summoner in my collection. But anyways Beetle Queen is something that came to my mind when I thought about upgrading. I quickly checked the market and noticed that the cards were available for a cheaper price. The main reason why I wanted to do this upgrade was that the Beetle Queen card gets a tank heal ability after Level 5 which is very great.


My current tank card in the Fire deck is Cerberus. I use this card in most of the battles for one big reason. It can heal. With Beetle Queen, this card is now going to get a double heal ability in the battles. The Cerberus card will heal by itself and when the chance comes my Beetle Queen will also heal the card and that can help my Cerberus or any tank endure more in the battles. The challenge is only when there is no healing rule in the battle.


If you look at the above you can see that even for this small purchase, I received a 3% cashback from the purchase. If you are wondering how I used the MonsterMarket.io website. If you would like to get cashbacks for your purchases as well, you can use this website.

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