Splinterlands - Life Splinter gave me a tough battle

in #spt2 years ago

Well, I was progressing really well in the game but the day before yesterday the Life splinter gave me a tough challenge. I had to play several games back and forth to complete the daily quest. I was focusing more on the rating and did not focus more on completing the quest. I had to fall down a bit to play with Life splinter and complete the quest.

Life Splinter is not one of the high-level decks in my collection. As I can see the Life Splinter summoners are very costly in the market, I did not get a chance to upgrade my Life summoners. That is one of the main reasons why I find completing quests with Life splinter more challenging. I had to play several games to complete the quest and also drained the Energy capture rate.


For all those efforts I received the above cards. After getting this reward I sometimes think I spent so much time and energy to just get the above rewards. But what to do with continuous efforts only we tend to get surprises in the rewards. That's how I got some gold foil legendary cards in my quest rewards.


Yesterday's quest was pretty quick. I received Fire splinter and it was not very challenging to complete the quest with Fire splinter as I have the right set of cards in my collection and I also enjoy playing the game with Fire splinter. As usual, the quest rewards were disappointing. But not bad, every single card counts.

I wish I get some life summoners for a cheap price in the market for me to upgrade them real quick. Some of my friends have completed a full upgrade of their main account and have started focusing on their alt accounts as well but I'm the one just struggling with the main account. For now, I'm able to spend some time every day to play the game. If there comes a time where I don't have enough time in playing the game every day, I would then use TS to delegate my cards and get 50/50 rewards.