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Another week, another theme for the weekly share your battle challenge!

I'm a little late to the party this week, but I'm still on time posting this. As you know, there's a weekly battle challenge from the @splinterlands account, this week's theme is water battles! You can read this week's share your battle post here


I can make this sweet talk about why I selected these cards, and talk as if I actually had a game plan here. Honestly, I would be full of crap if I did. As you know, many of us are still trying to figure out how all the Untamed cards work, and especially combined with Beta cards. I was just trying out some new cards here, and this was the result: I won :). I love using serpent of eld as a tank whenever I don't use a beta card as tank in a water battle. I also used the Chain Golem there, I don't own one myself, but a friend was kind enough to delegate his gold foil Chain Golem to me to use it in GF tournaments. Whenever I think I can use it, I will. It seems to be a great card, but only when used in the right rulesets.

Where I liked playing death before, ever since untamed arrived I prefer life over death

Haha, pun intended! Since Untamed came out it didn't take me more than a few days to start loving the life splinter. Funny thing is that the first golden summoner I opened was the (you probably guessed it already) life summoner, and an even funnier fact is, that the second one I pulled was, again, the life summoner. For some reason the life cards suit me well, I guess. It didn't stay with that life summoner btw, look at my current GF Untamed life team:

life goldies.png

Do you see that guy on the bottom right? Mr Darius found his way to me about a week ago, and I'm very pleased to have him on my team. The guy is a little pricey to use during battles, but he's well worth it when there's an abundance of mana left.

My opinion on the new quests

I think that all the new quest options are a great addition to the quest options.

no neutrals.png

When neutrals are forbidden to complete the quest, it shows you how often you depend on them
Especially the one where you can't use neutrals in a battle makes me realize more and more that I depend on neutral cards a lot. The first time I honestly thought: "Oh wow, I only need to win 3 battles, easy peasy!". I came back hard from that opinion, usually, it doesn't go that smooth haha. But I don't mind, it makes me more aware of what to select during battles. And it also depends on what rulesets and mana limit I get, sometimes I can complete it quite easily, thankfully.

untamed dragon splinte.png

The long-overdue dragon quest is one of my favorites

I expected that I could only play this quest in the herons accounts I play, but then I found some dragons inside Untamed packs, making it possible to complete this quest even in my main account. Which I'm very happy about because I truly missed taking the dragons out for a "ride". Even with "only" a level 2 dragon summoner and level 2 dragons, I managed to complete this quest a few times. Great new quest if you ask me!

tournaments quest.png

The tournament quest

Pardon me for not remembering all the original names of the quests btw, but this is an easy reference for everyone lol. I first thought you had to WIN a tournament to complete the quest and was like "Oh boy that will never happen, skipping that quest". But it turned out to be only one winning battle was needed to win the quest, thankfully. I think it's a great new quest, but it's annoying when you only have time to play in the morning (for example), while there is no tournament until the evening, or only in the aftternoon while you have other plans. Sometimes I can imagine that it's quite impossible to complete the quest. I usually pull this quest when there's only a novice / bronze tournament, and I really don't play well without all the abilities I'm used to. It happened several times that I played a maxed beta deck, and couldn't win 1 out of 2 battles, and therefore had to wait half the day until there was a new quest, oops. I'm not sure if the proposal to add tournaments only meant for the quests can work. For now, I will just try to complete the quests without swopping them too much, only if I'm close to the new quest time or even passed it.

Have a nice Sunday, and hopefully, you will catch some great season rewards...



Nice ! I loved all the new quests and found it easier than before to complete the quest, especially on an account that only has 2 good decks + dragon summonner. About the tournament quest, I hope they will increase the number of tournaments, I also heard that there should be Only Alpha + Betas tournaments, or something. I'm looking forward to this.

Only alpha is already a thing..played quite a few when I still had a delegated alpha deck :)
Beta I didn't hear about yet. But some days are the worst to have the tournament quest, I wonder if they can fix that honestly.. not sure though..

I like to play death splinter now, unlike before.


Thanks for the vote! I like the new legendary card Dark Ha'On, taunt and scavenger ability are great if you ask me :)


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Hey, girl! Happy Sunday to you!


Ever since Untamed arrived I prefer life over death.

Also, I was JUST saying this earlier today: that Untamed really puts life back into... life. 🤣

RE: New Quests
Great insights! I, too, am not the biggest fan of NO NEUTRALS. Mostly, cause I DO depend on them a lot. But I still like it... cause then I get to know muh other cards better.

And I just skip the tournament quests. Even though you have to win/play less... Tournaments stress me out!

Thanks for another great post and for sharing!

Hahaha, glad I made you laugh :-)

Ah, you also depend on the neutral cards lol, glad I'm not the only one!! Agree on that, it makes me select cards that I rarely use normally. You never play tournaments? It can be so fun!!!

Thanks for stopping by <3

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