It's the end of the season again, time for a status update!

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Some nice golden rewards

The golden, but furious chicken above was pulled in a herons account, therefore I only received 50% of the dec for that card, which is a shame, but luckily I already am the proud owner of a golden angry bird (chicken).


A few days ago, I was able to add a golden beetle queen to keep him company. So I removed all the regular Queen B's so the golden one was able to shine while battling in the fire splinter.

Beetle Queen level 4 up for rent

I decided to level up the regular, but still useful, beetle queens and see if anyone is willing to rent it.


It's probably more interesting when I managed to get it to level 5, but until then, maybe someone is happy to rent it as it's (imo) still a nice addition to the fire splinter!

The current leagues I'm playing

gold 1 tiger.png

I feel bummed that I was so close to Diamond a few days ago playing the herons account that used to be silver league leveled. It's been upgraded a lot, but due to my week spending family time I haven't played as much as anticipated on forehand. Now I may or may not touch Diamond before the end of season. I will do my best, but have been bumped back and forward quite a bit already. Fingers crossed I will at least touch Diamond 3 before season ends.


My own account reached Gold 3 today, finally.. the struggle was real!!! Haha..

And last but not least, the other herons account:

diamond 1.png

Playing in Diamond 1 since a day or 5 is my guess, coming close to Champion 3 sometimes, but being pushed back quite quickly when I do. I will try to play it some other times instead of when the quest is retrieved, this should help me get into Champ 3 before season ends.


The small level 1 accounts I've barely played this season, so not much to tell there, just hoping for a few nice season rewards mainly, and probably won't touch them much the next days unless the quest goes smoothly. They are all still in bronze leagues btw, two of them probably make it to Silver 3 and that's it. I only play them for the season rewards honestly, not because I love playing level 1 cards haha...

Waiting for Untamed

I know I still have to wait a bit longer, and I will probably purchase another bunch of packs before the campaign ends, but I wish we could fast forward a bit now. I'm super curious about the new cards, and new abilities.. Hopefully time will fly lol...

So how was your season so far? Leave a comment below :)



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Thanks for the quality post. That is a bummer about not being able to keep the Golden chicken. Those are cool cards. I heard that you may be able to put into a subscription based heron account where you have to post a fee but get to keep the cards. I dunno maybe that ended up not being a thing after all. Good luck.

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My pleasure ;) I've read about that system, but to be honest, having the dec in your account instantly is probably one of the reasons people choose to play/rent out a herons account. And honestly, I love that myself as well. If you agree on doing it manually, it will take more time and is that worth it? I rarely pull a card like that, I only feel bummed when the value in USD is much higher compared to dec value. It is what it is :) don't look back and continue playing :)


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