The strength and power of Furious Chicken - Splinterlands

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Hello everyone, today I want to show you a short video where the strength and power of the Furious Chicken card is evident. Do not be confused by its appearance, it really is a powerful card using it intelligently.

I usually use it in the last position for monsters with Sneak's ability to spend an attack with her. This video shows how the enemy Goblin Sorcerer spent two attacks on the furious chicken.


It has something interesting, the card does not spend the mana so if you already completed your cards and you have space left, use it. I really LOVE this card, I only have it at level 1 but I think it's great.


If the rule is that the monsters lose all their abilities (Back to basics) or Fog of war we must use the Furious Chicken in another position, I have experienced placing it in second position and even in the first position.

If it has caught your attention you can start playing by following this link:

I will continue testing the power and strength of the Furious Chicken and I hope to be able to level it up soon.

I say goodbye until another opportunity.


Original Splinterlands images, obtained from the web

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Ahhh! I love your editing at the beginning! It's great! And... I find it so funny that the 'last man standing' on the other team was the chicken. At least everyone's got one.

Thanks for playing! And sharing!