[What to Rent?] How to rent Monsters/Summoners with Peakmonsters?

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In Splinterlands community, I'm an advocate for renting cards. My average ranking each season is Gold III and half of my cards are borrowed.

I'm writing a series of posts on renting Splinterlands cards...
This is the prelude post of the series!


It's proven that you could reach Gold in ranked battles using only Level 3 Summoners. I reached Gold I this season which is the highest Gold League.

Most of Common/Rare monsters get their most useful ability at Level 3 and you can make a powerful basic team using only monsters of that level.

Another reason for using Level 3 Summoners is that they're cheap to rent. For example, an ALPHA Lv3 Alric Stormbringer is currently being sold for $13.3 but you can rent it from Peakmonsters for only $0.160 per month. You can rent the ALPHA Edition gold foil for only $0.39 per month, it's a decent deal since you'll get additional ℅20 DEC for each win.


How to rent with Peakmonsters

I assume you already have an account on the STEEM blockchain and you already play Splinterlands and know the basics.

  • Go to Peakmonsters.com and login with your Steem account via Steemconnect. (If it's your first time, don't worry, it's safe.)
  • After you login go to the site go to your profile and deposit some STEEM/SBD to use for renting.
    • You can follow this step after the steps below if you need to know how much to deposit.
  • Now, go the Market section of the website.
  • Search for the card you want to rent. I recommend searching the card by name, the list is too long otherwise.
    • Make sure the edition of the card is the one you want. (ALPHA, BETA or Reward)
  • When you find the card you want click on the Rent button below Buy and Bid buttons. (You must be login for Rent option to appear.)
  • Find the card with the level and the price you want from the list. Choose how many days you want to rent the card for then click on the "Rent Card" button.

If you do the steps above, Congrats! You'll find the card playable in your account in less than a minute!

That's how you rent cards with Peakmonsters. Next time I'll go over one of my three main teams: Fire Splinter, and which cards I rented and the cards I already have.


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