Splinterlands: My Opinion on the Loot Chests Reward System

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Few days ago, @splinterlands team announced the change of the rewards system of the game. Instead of reward edition cards, the quests and season rewards changed to loot boxes that could contain different things instead of only cards.

The new system was implemented because the reward cards started to reach their print limit quickly. Lot chests system allows developers to have more time times to focus on developing the game while preparing new cards once some of them go out of print.


So, what does loot chests contain?

Quests and Season Rewards give the same number of loot chests than they gave reward cards in the old system.

Every loot chests will contain one type of item depending on the chance. You can check the full details in the official post but I'll quote the relevant part:

  • Reward Card (33% chance) - Will contain a random card from the Reward edition as normal.
  • Potion (33% chance) - Will contain exactly one charge of either a Legendary or an Alchemy potion.
  • DEC (33% chance) - Will contain a random amount of DEC using the same probabilities as Untamed edition card burn rates. This means that typically it will be around 10 DEC, but it can be higher, and there is even a small chance of receiving around 50,000 DEC which is the burn rate for an Untamed edition Gold Foil Legendary card!
  • Essence Orb Pack (1% chance) - Will contain exactly one Essence Orb pack.

Why I think this update is amazing?

While I don't care about Potions, the ability to gain DEC and cards that's worth the same as before. The tiny chance of getting Essense Orb (which gives five additional cards,) is appealing.

DEC can be used for various things like creating tournaments, buying packs and more. It could also be turned into money via Steem-engine or Ethereum exchanges.

While I'm not happy that the minimum amount of DEC given by the loot chests is measly 10 DEC. But with the chance to get 50,000 DEC (around $30 with the current prices,) I'm more excited than worried.

Since the reward cards are harder to get right now I assume their prices will eventually go up, or at least go down at a slower rate than before.

Since Legendary & Alchemy potions are not transferable, I think many people will use them on the loot chests (that's the default option,) this will mean that there will be more Gold Foil cards in circulation, as they counted with the Regular cards in the maximum print limit.

The Rewards I Received Since The Update:

I played three daily daily quests and have received 20 Loot Chests. Out of those I got 8 Reward Cards (Three of them are Rare cards and one is Legendary.)


All in all, I was pretty lucky!

I got DEC 7 times (they were 402 combined, but one of them alone was 300 DEC.) So DEC given won't always be a good amount, and considering my chances, I think the 50,000 DEC chance is a little more than a dream.

Alchemy & Legendary potions that I got were used, but I haven't got any Gold Foil and the only Legendary card I got was after the Legendary potion I got was all used. So it cemented my belief that these potions aren't all useful.

While I like this system, the chances of getting something good is still as low as it was with the old Reward Cards system if not lower (like when you don't care about the Potions.)

So, this was my opinion! What's yours?

Do you know you could buy Steam games using STEEM & DEC? Check out this article to know how!

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Hi, great explanations, although the potions do not please many, after all even using them everything depends on luck, I think interesting to save them, for one day to open a larger number of packs, because in this case the effect of them usually appears more clearly.

Thanks, I'll take this advice.

I think interesting to save them, for one day to open a larger number of packs

Great little breakdown!
It's true. We all feel a little sad when it feels like something is being 'taking away' ... (less reward cards given), but I think we'll get used to it. AND! In the future, other things may be transferable and such (note: I know nothing, just thinking outloud).


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