My Best Fights in Splinterlands (May 03)

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Welcome to another entry of my #BestSptBattles series of posts! It's been a long time since the last post of these was in February and I've been struggling to go back to Silver League as I was demoted to Novice again. I wrote about this in my latest My Splinterlands Journey post.

I play some great battles in #Splinterlands, I won some of them and lost others, but they're good either way! I play mostly with Rented Cards.

Well, I used to play with Rented Cards, and I'll probably will again after this, but all the games in this post were played by cards I own. Also, most of the battles this time are in Novice and Bronze Leagues.

Here's My Notable Battles Since I Got Back:

Testing Goblin Mech w/Water Splinter
[23 Mana] [Standard]
I don't usually use Goblin Mech with Water Splinter. I have 2 other options for lower Mana tanks. But since this fight was a lower League I decided it won't hurt to try. Opponent didn't use powerful strategy so I'm not sure.
The Wrath of The Kraken
[19 Mana] [Up Close & Personal]
I think The Kraken is one of the strongest monsters in the game, but I didn't get to use it frequently because of his high Mana cost. I did now and destroyed my opponent!
Unaffected by Blast
[30 Mana] [Silenced Summoners]
Opponent's strategy depended on his Tank to defend, while his Fire Elemental's Blast ability takes out both my Tank and the monster after. Luckily, both my Living Lava and Naga Fire Wizard had shield ability. Win!
Cerberus Leads To Victory
[26 Mana] [Little League]
I think my team did a great job surviving this battle. The opponent had a solid team and Light Splinter's extra toughness is the strongest ability against my fire splinter. But Cerberus self-heal ensured that I win no matter how long the battle lasted. (If the opponent didn't have a snipe ability I would've lost.)
Burning in Living Lava
[13 Mana] [Heavy Hitters]
This is my first Heavy Hitters battle. While my other monsters were killed by my opponent's Goblin's sneak ability, my Living Lava shield ability ensured that my opponent never had a chance!
You were the slow one
[27 Mana] [Standard]
The slow-down of Creeping Ooze downed all my opponent monsters speed to 1. I didn't need the Taunt ability of The Kraken since my opponent's strongest monsters died before getting a chance to attack.

So, What do you think?

Most players I played against used only (or mostly) Untamed Edition cards. Before I left the game 3 months ago, Beta Edition were still the most used used cards. I also noticed some new Rulesets which were great ones!

I hope you enjoyed reading this,
and wish to read your comments on how to improve this article series!

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