My Best Fights in Splinterlands (February 14)

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I played some great battles in Splinterlands, I won some of them and lost others, but they're good either way! I play mostly with Rented Cards.

I reached Gold I League with only rented Lv3 Summmoners this season and I wrote about renting cards in my previous article. I also wrote my opinion about the change of the reward system into the loot chests one, which I believe is for the better!

In this post series: #bestsptbattles! I write about some of my notable battles I played. Win/lose doesn't matter as much as the battle being interesting.

This week looked up the prices of STEEM & DEC!

STEEM the prices kept increasing, even more so than the previous week. SBD went above $1 and the post rewards are now paid in SBD instead of STEEM like we used to in the previous months.

DEC prices however kept getting down. Now, you are lucky if you could get $0.60 for 1000 DEC, it's a shame, but I don't HODL my DEC enough for this to effect me.


Here's My Notable Battles Of The Last Week:

A Water's Swift Defeat
[37 Mana] [Weak Magic] [Taking Sides]
The opponent just had a better team and stronger levels than me. I was hit by a magic attack after another one, and since they had "Swiftness" ability, my Spineback Turtle and Sea Genie died before they could do much of anything.
Too Fast to Counterattack!
[99 Mana] [Super Sneak] [Broken Arrows]
When I saw the opponent's team I thought I was going to lose. But I was off to a good start since most of my monsters had higher speed and with Super Sneak, I killed their monsters from back one by one.
[34 Mana] [Earthquake] [Broken Arrows]
Even though I lost this battle, it was interesting to watch. The earthquake contributed to my demise as I only had one monster with the flight ability while the opponent had three. Their tank was also too strong for me to beat.
Beating Super Sneak With Magic & A Shield
[36 Mana] [Super Sneak] [Lost Legendaries]
This was a blast to watch! I was lucky that two of my opponent's powerful attacks missed and my Goblin Mech survived and kept attacking. It they hit I don't know how the fight would've gone differently.
Battled The Earthquake Without Flying Monsters!
[37 Mana] [Close Range] [Earthquake]
I missed the rulesets of this battle so I didn't put a team suited for Earthquake, I was surprised by how I won this battle despite all my monsters got 2 points of damage per turn. If the enemy monster lasted another turn I would have lost all my monsters due to the earthquake.
Overpowered the Anti-Magic with Magic!
[32 Mana] [Armored Up] [Reverse Speed]
I would've used my Fire Splinter since they're good at Reverse Speed, but went for Water Monsters to bypass the Armored Up monsters of the opponent. I'm glad I did. Even though the opponent had an Anti-magic tank, my magic monsters were so powerful it didn't matter. Evil Laugh
Getting Trampled in a Flash!
[33 Mana] [Close Range] [Melee Mayhem]
Not only I battled my friend @felipejoys in this. Until halfway through the battle, I thought I would win for sure but the joys' Rexxie's Trample ability changed the battle outcome in a flash!

So, What do you think?

I noticed that more and more opponents are using Untamed Edition cards, and I believe that's a good thing for Splinterlands.

So, after the two previous posts I decided to stick with this format for #bestsptbattles. I'll continue to write about 6 to 10 battles per post to not make it too short or too long.

It's nice to look back on these battles and see if I learned anything from them.

I hope you enjoyed this,
Tell me your thoughts in comments!.


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