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I just want to provide a bare minimum notice that has gone live.

Splintertalk is a Nitrous instance. That means we forked condenser, which runs, and plugged in SPT as the rewards system.

If you post on splintertalk you'll get rewarded in steem, sbd, and SPT. spt is the required tag.

As it turns out if you also add the tag PALnet and make the post relevant to both of those communities you can be rewarded in both Scot.

If you are looking for content about splinterlands I'd encourage you to visit We have a free downvote pool here, so be sure your content has something to do with the Splinterlands before just using the tag.

If you haven't tried it yet please check out the forums we have:


I posted on the forum via our @contestkings account, being able to use markdown was handy!

@aggroed, what happens to the SPT tokens when you post through for example Steempeak using the #spt tag and set a beneficiary?

Will the beneficiary also receive the SPT tokens?

Good question, just commenting to track to see if its answered

@pandapuzzles, I asked @transisto and he said that the tokens would not be affected when setting beneficiaries, although it looked like he wasn't 100% sure. Still no answer from @aggroed, though.

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SUMPTUOUSLY!!! This news is more enjoyable than receiving a legendary gold card!

In the meantime, I use the low cost of the token.

Immediately the question - how to create posts on the "nitros" using share2steem?

Neat, it could be cool source of guides, how to play etc. :)

DM me i can teach you. atleast help to get gold with a good simple team

Another update another milestone
But still I am excited about mobile app.
When it will be available?

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it's getting worked on

This is cool to hear about

Hi, @aggroed!

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This is going to be like sparkling wine every day! =) So many resources... and impossible (soon) to give better services than Cloud Services itself!

Blockchain+Chain Technology... just breaks the 99.9999% frontier of uptime.

The new site is really nice! I hope it can have the look and feel of the forum someday.

Ok , so as long as it has to do with splinterlands we can post there @aggroed !? im a new member on palnet and im starting to get confused with so many sites now as well as steemit, lol, A bit overwhelming indeed! Thanks for sending me 28.22 SPT That I just noticed in my steem-Engine wallet. on my way to check out the link you provided and try to learn more about this as well.✌👍😎

i agree! i just recently became active again on steemit and i noticed a lot of new steem front-end websites popping up and it can get a little bit too much to take. too much to keep track of and so little time hehe

Thanks! I totally agree back, lol!🙋😂✌

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