Proposal update: Competition is real!

in sps •  23 days ago 

The funding window of Hivemind SQL Service is started today. With all support from the community, it still lacks votes to get funded.


For a proposal to get funded, proposal needs to pass “refund proposal”. For my case, I need around 500k SP vote(cumulatively) to pass that limit.

If you didn’t see the proposal, now it’s a great time to check:

Vote for the proposal

If you feel this project might be helpful for the ecosystem, consider casting a proposal vote.

I already started building the infrastructure, seeing that the proposal is funded will be a great motivation boost.

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Thanks for the reminder, voted.

There are some specific calls we (c-squared) uses from sql that I wasn’t quite sure would be included or not but either way I think this is a great service for the community.

Thanks! 🎉 Not sure if that "SQL" is hivemind "SQL" but happy to collaborate with c-squared dev(s), anytime.

Yes I’m not sure, I just know we had some trouble with hivemind on a specific call. I’ll have him reach out and see if it’s something that can be included. Thanks so much 🙌🏼

Better get Krackin'


Aaand it's gone again, this is really frustrating :)

Dang it. :(
This is an issue...

Aaaand we’re back again 😂