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RE: DONATING 30SB TO STEEM PROPOSALS - Via a Theory Testing Proposal

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The proposal minimum is around 23 GV so it would take Blocktrades in agreement with another similar sized whale, and either another whale or many smaller accounts to support a proposal. There are also many whales whom have not voted for the return proposal and could increase that threshold.

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Blocktrades could remove their vote from proposal 0. Which would drop proposal 0 to 13GV and vote for any other proposal and raise it to 9.7Gv. For instance proposal 10 has 18 GV. So simply by removing a vote from proposal 0 @inertia will recieve funding for documentation.

That's true, but in lowering it, other whales can get proposals through also. Other whales can also raise the return proposal.

If Blocktrades is the only whale voting he can control everything. It doesn't take a huge amount of participation from other whales to change that though.

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Of course. It'll be the same gripes as witness voting... but I don't see better options. Just different options like voting for representative accounts to vote on funding allocation. The only given is the impossibility to make all parties happy.