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RE: DONATING 30SB TO STEEM PROPOSALS - Via a Theory Testing Proposal

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i am kinda lost with this. and i am not sure do i want to learn how it works. clicked support, hope it helps.

so now Class Action Lawsuit will get 200SBD a day as long as it is up top of the proposals?


No one gets any funding unless they pass the Return Proposal in votes. It’s a pretty high bar at the moment. Also, until the SPS fund reaches 200k SBD (the equilibrium level where the 2000 SBD a day going in and 1% max going out) it’s full capacity to fund is not available.

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thanks for explanation

No, it has to get past @gtg's refund proposal, I believe.

We're still working on the interface and working to make it INTUITIVE.
If after our upcoming changes it's still confusing let us know

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