Sprtshubcoin Listing Announcement!

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Sprtshubcoin (SHC) will be listed on Newdex.io, the first EOS based decentralized exchange in the world. Newdex.io is on of the first and most used exchanges on the EOS ecosystem and we are glad to have secured a listing spot.

The relaunched Sprtshub platform has been operational since June 1st 2019 and since then we have been building a community of Sports and Games enthusiasts.

With the listing of SHC, users can be able to freely exchange their tokens for EOS and other currencies as we add them. The Sprtshubcoin is a utility token that will be used to reward interactions on our Sports content creation and Gaming platforms.

More listing news will be released as we get them as we are presently in talks with other exchanges to make sure we provide the community with more exchange choices.

Sprtshub is building a community that will involve individuals from various works of life and you can find us on Telegram.


Hi @sprtshub

Great to see you guys progressing with your project :)