Sprtshub.io updates: Token Launch, New UI and UX, Virtual bets, Stakemine.io listing and ICO plans.

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Sprtshub.io has been successfully running for 1 year now and today, we bring to you updates as we have been working to ensure sport lovers and enthusiasts have an amazing time sharing sports.

A complete Sports ecosystem.

The sprtshub.io platform is an amazing sports ecosystem complete with, Blogging, Gaming, Betting, Shopping and a Talent Management Agency all of which will be powered by the platform's traditional currency, SHC.
A platform that will afford users the freedom of choice to share what they enjoy about the sporting world is what we are building.

Token Economy.

The sprtshub.io ecosystem is designed to be driven by a traditional token called Sprtshubcoin SHC, and this was created on the 28th of March 2019. Total supply is 300m and it is powered by the eosio software.
The token will be at the heart of the sports first multi blockchain ecosystem and can be earned through blogging, gaming, betting and shopping.
There is a planned Smart Drop event that will be used to reward regulate users, contributors who will write and do videos about sprtshub.io and it's unique offerings.
Stay tuned!

Stakemine.io listing.

Sprtshub.io is literally on stakemine.io to give users token in return for staked bandwidth resources.1553958334_Screenshot_20190330-160505.jpg
The whole idea is to allow users support projects they see with some value instead of being taken for a ride as has been the case with regular project offerings.
With stakemine, the users determine their choice of projects and stake bandwidth in process called Initial Bandwidth Offering, IBO.

So if you want to earn some tokens in return for staking your eos, check us out at stakemine.io.

Blogging Statistics.

Without a marketing budget, sprtshub.io has been growing organically while we worked behind the scenes to present a sports platform that has the ability of impacting the sports world positively.1553958631_Screenshot_20190330-160843.jpg
Our blog platform is designed to be a standalone board where users can earn SHC for their articles through an upvote rears system and also still be able to share to blockchain of their choice.
The launch of the platform reward system will happen in June 2019.

Sprtshub Bets.

The betting platform is currently under development and what have released the alpha version as a teaser to allow sports lovers who like to stake for their favorite games indulge themselves.
The platform when ready will utilize the Sprtshubcoin reward economy.

Airdrop, Pre-sale and ICO.

We are presently running an airdrop which will be governed by completing social media tasks.
Pre-sale and ICO will follow shortly after and we look forward to allowing every one interested get their hands on the token.

Exchange listings.

Yes, I said listings as we are presently in talks with some very good exchanges with good reputation and volumes and we will be listed immediately after the token sale.
This is a good time to grab some tokens and hold.

Join us.

To earn sprtshubcoin and be a part of this amazing sports platform, follow us on
and join our Telegram Community and engage in daily activities to earn tokens.

8million SHC Smart Drop for content creators.

If you are a writter and a vlogger looking to earn sprtshubcoin, you can join in by writing articles about Sprtshub.io on Steemit, Whaleshares and Medium to earn your share of 8million SHC.
Submit links of your articles in our telegram group daily and you will be credited with over 100 SHC daily.

If you are a sports lover, join us and if you have friends who are, tell them about us.

You can support this project with a resteem, upvote and suggestions.


I'm much happier to see this project coming to reality with its objectives. I would say we're blessed to have people with this sort of creative mind in this community.
As a content creator, I'm somewhat lost and confused with the below statement 👇

Submit links of your articles in our telegram group daily and you will be credited with over 100 SHC daily.

Does this mean author have to publish daily to get 100 SHC credited to his wallet daily?

Kindly expatiate.

To earn daily, you have to write daily. But we have scrapped this now with the new announcements