Sprtshub.io just relaunched and this is what you can do; Create. Share. Discover. Interact and Earn!!!

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Hello Everyone.

The Sprtshub ecosystem is now open to the community to foster an ecosystem where users can Create, Share, Interact/Play Games and Earn.CapPNG.PNG
This is a simple and straight forward platform that comes loaded with what makes social media fun and rewarding.
If you have been following our updates, then you are right on time, just go to Sprtshub Sign-Up and create an account to begin.
Forget about the platforms that promise fairness but deliver unfair practices, get on board a platform that truly takes into account the well being of its communities.

What to expect.

Improved UI and UX.

The Sprtshub platform has a very cool and easy to use UI coupled with a super awesome UX that makes social sharing fun and fast.
The platform is designed with you at heart and we will keep improving on what is already available to ensure we change the narrative.

Easy and Fast sign up process.Capture.PN1559388730888.PNG

On this ecosystem, sign up is pretty easy and straight forward. Users will be able to create their accounts with their unique username and generated key. As with all blockchain social media sites, it is imperative users save their passwords securely as it is mostly unrecoverable if misplaced.
The Sprtshub ecosystem comes with 3 keys, namely Owner Key, Wallet Key and Posting Key. These keys will be explained in another post about password protection.

Interaction driven trending page.CaptPNG.PNG

Unlike the regular social media platform that pushes "shitposts" to the trending page based on its payout. "Shit posts" trending because they have high payouts will not be encouraged on Sprtshub as the interaction algorithm will make it possible for user interactions to be rewarded with the right rewards.

A Fair Reward System.

As a Delegated Proof of Stake platform, users are expected will be influenced by the amount of Sprtshub Power a user owns and what other users will reward their contents with based on its quality.
As it is a new platform fresh off the developers factory, users coming on board will be termed early adopters as they can join us in building a great platform.

About Sprtshub.

This is a platform that is beyond blogging, it is an ecosystem that offers more than just the traditional blogging we are used to.
Behind the creation of Sprtshub is a desire to provide a platform that allows for Content creation & discovery, Fair earning and Community inclusion and a Gaming community powered by a token system and we have for over a year experimented on the way forward by using Sports as a use case and the results have been amazing.

The team behind Sprtshub have been involved in the blockchain space for a while now and have understanding of how the space works and have been able to put in work to present something that will make social media on the blockchain fun and fair.

Content Creation and Discovery.

As far as content goes, there has been a lack of good contents on blockchain social media platforms owning to the inability of the said content creator to be discovered. One of such reasons is the low post payouts that isn't always applied to worthy contents. Users can change the pictures of shit posts powered by high payouts with this platform as they will have that control.

A token powered Gaming Community.

The Sprtshub platform will offer a gaming platform that will allow developers upload their fun games and have them powered up while players can play for a chance to earn the tokens locked into these games. Whatever your choice of gaming is, you can find something to do on Sprtshub.

A freelance goods and services platform.

We will encourage entrepreneurs, sellers, makers and buyers with our simple freelance platform that will make the exchange of goods and service seamless and fast. Imagine a tokenized Fiverr and you will not be far from what this platform will be about.

Community and Project Teams

Communities will be the base of the platform and for every thriving community/Teams on the Sprtshub platform, we will ensure to make available support that will ensure good contents are not left unrewarded. Originality of contents is key and we will ensure that with communities and Teams, this becomes the order of the day on Sprtshub.

What next?

Just simply go on to Sprtshub Sign-Up and create an account and start connecting. Also you can purchase some SprtsHubCoin to enable you power up your accounts or communities.
We shall be embarking on a token sale event soon so stay glued to this page to learn more.

For those still utilizing our platform to post to the Steem Blockchain, You can continue to use Sprtshub to Steem until we integrate the Steem Blockchain on this new platform.

Our Social Media platforms.

Sprtshub is building a community that will involve individuals from various works of life and you can find us on Telegram.

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