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Hello everyone.
As we all know, Sprtshub is a Sports and Gaming Ecosystem designed to encourage interactions and engagements while powering communities.

Check out the contests..

1. 7 days "Push Up" Video Challenge.

This contest is quite simple. It is a Fitness Challenge that will run for 7 days and all you have to do is "make a video of yourself doing 10 push ups". Easy right?
Click 7 Days Push Up Challenge to participate.

2. What is your workout playlist? Enter to win!!workout-outside-P3ENQL81561676083314.jpg

Everyone knows that music helps motivate you while you are working out and even science has proven that you can add at least 1 extra 45lb plate on each side of the bench press when the right song is playing. So my question is "What do you listen to when you work out?"
Click What is your workout playlist? Enter to win!! to participate.

3. 4 Word "Crossword Puzzle" Contest.Capture.PNG

Below you will see a "Crossword Puzzle" with four clues.
If you are the first to comment down below with all four correct answers, then I will award you with a 100% upvote. Click 4 Word "Crossword Puzzle" Contest. to participate.

4. Walk and win! New challenge! Win votes every day.100 SHC per week!Captu.PNG

Walk and Win while getting fit. With the various challenges we face daily, many don't know when they should be able to take walks. This contest is aimed at encouraging fitness around your neighborhood.
Click Walk and win ! to participate.

5. Phototalent Daily Challenge - Friday: Wellness & Fitness.

The concept" Fitness "refers to feeling good physically With fitness we will be able to improve, among other things, our body posture, flexibility, joint range, and even the response of our cardiovascular system to exercise.
Click Phototalent Daily Challenge - Friday: Wellness & Fitness to prticipate.

So go on and take part in any or all of these.

Check out Today's workout by @Rmsbodybuilding.streamlogojpg1561647839855.jpg

Thank you for joining us on this journey to the bright side of social media!

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