Nigeria Super Falcon Crashed Out of the Women World Cup

in sprtshub •  16 days ago

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The Nigeria super Falcons have been thrashed out of the women world cup hosted in Cyprus. The Belgium Red Flames were the one that crashed out the Falcons in a 1-0 victory. That was the last game of the Group C played at the GSZ Stadium yesterday.

It was Elena Dohnt that gave the Red the 1-0 victory with an early strike in the 7th minute of the game. The Red dominated the game all throughout the first half of the game but could find the back of the net beyond that early goal. The Second half was a lot tougher as the Falcon coach making some high impact changes bringing in Anam Imo, Ngozi and Chinaza. The Changes in the second half change the tone of the game but not enough to turn the tides to the Falcons favor as he match still ended with that one goals difference.

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