Timor-Leste's coach Praise the greatness of Indonesia U-16 national team

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The victory of U-16 national team in Indonesia over East Timor with a score of 3-0 (4/8/2018), Saturday night, deserves to be a pride for all squads orphanage Fakhri Husaini was.

In fact, the coach of the U-16 East Timor, Joao M Da S Araujo, any brandishing of the thumb for David Maulana and his friends who appeared in the fourth match of the group stage with AFF U-16 Cup in Delta Sidoarjo. He confessed, her team could compensate for the lack of games Indonesia due to some physical players that are less good.

"We can hold until the first half ended. But in the second half, physical kids less good, so that it becomes the cause of our defeat, "said Araujo after the match.

The difference between his team more blatant with Indonesia national team, according to Araujo was on the accuracy of the bait. Indonesia thinks players make very minimal errors in teamwork.

"While our team skill, individual less smart in specifying options. While Indonesia team fit pretty good, pretty good physical, "said.

In the meantime, the presence of Xanana Gusmão in the stands of the stadium is recognized should be the factor endowments for the national team of Timor-Leste. Even according to Joao M Da S Araujo, Xanana had requested that East Timor can steal points from Indonesia.

"Father (Xanana) ask us to try to steal points from Indonesia, or at least not conceded, " said.

As for the appointment of Kay's Sword Gusmao, Xanana's son, as captain of the national team of Timor-Leste, according to Araujo is an initiative of its own as a coach.

"I told you so, father of captain in the jungle (while fighting for East Timor). Now if you can so the captain. She replied ready, "said Araujo.

As is known, with the results of the match tonight, Indonesia U-16 national team ever achieve the perfect result, unbeaten in four matches. U-16 national team had previously been menggunduli Philippines 8-0, overcoming Myanmar 2-1, took care of Viet Nam 4-2, before later conquered East Timor 3-0.


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