The results of the AFF U-16 Cup: Indonesia-Timor-Leste 3-0, Indonesia qualified for the Semifinals

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Indonesia national under-16 national team AFF Cup semifinals qualify for the AFF (Asean Football Federation) U-16 after comfortably beating East Timor with a score of 3-0 was defeated in the fourth matchday of Group A in the Gelora Delta Sidoarjo, East Java, on Saturday night (4/8/2018).

Although in the end managed to win three goals without reply, the victory of foster care coach Fakhri Husaini was not achieved easily. By the time down, the score is still 0-0.

On a 40-minute first round, at least there are five golden opportunities come by Amiruddin Nice Cave and his friends, even one of them is actually a ball already fully enters the goal, but mentally again came out so quickly that is not seen by the referee and the line judge.

The children of East Timor to apply strict defense coupled with a hard game to quell attacks for the sake of a flowing attack bak flow copiously from Muhammad Alwi and his friends.

The game was hard, Indonesia got a free kick in the 16th minute. Execution free kick from defender Kartika Vedhayanto Son so perfectly leads into the upper right corner of the goal of East Timor who escorted Marcio Das Dores, the ball hitting the enter fully into the goal, but mentally more out.

Unfortunately, the process is so quick to make the referee didn't see that the round leather is already completely entered the goal so it does not state that as a goal.

In fact, the mental sphere that can still be greeted with a Great goal by head of the Cave, but the odds are so open, thus the ball past the crossbar.

At 40 seconds of the second half, Indonesia finally succeeded in supplying three goals. Nice opened the scoring on 49 minutes with a whole short distances utilizing cross hull Muhammad Salman Alfarid.

After a number of failed opportunities add goals, finally on 71 minutes Indonesia success advantage, this time through striker Diego Sutan Zico harness bait pull good.

Nice scored both in this game or the third goal for Indonesia at the injury time. Received his from Andre Oktaviansyah, Nice meluk-contortion in front of the net, making East Timor the three opposing players including the goalie, and placed the ball with not too toned.

With this victory, Indonesia certainly qualified for the semifinals, at least as a runner-up, if surprisingly defeated Cambodia on matchday five on Monday (6/8/2018).

However, the opportunities to perform as champions Group A wide open because only requires one numeric alias series against Cambodia so in the semifinals quite meet Group B runner-up likely filled in Malaysia.

The position of the standings while group A, Indonesia's top with a value of 12, followed by Myanmar and Viet Nam respectively 9.

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