Palestinian Coach: Indonesian Supporters Are Extraordinary!

in #sprtshub6 years ago

The Palestinian U-23 national team defeated the U-23 Indonesia National Team with a score of 2-1 in the qualifying round of Group A in the 2018 Asian Games football at the Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Wednesday (08/15/2018) night. In addition to fierce running matches, there was something different at the Patriot Stadium last night.

Not as usual, the average Indonesian U-23 national team supporters who packed the Patriot Stadium did not intimidate the opposing players. In some moments, they actually provide support like their own country.


The support provided was extraordinary. Not only are the Palestinian flags unfurled, Indonesian supporters also choreograph the adjacent Palestinian and Indonesian flags.

Not there, the Palestinian players also joined hands with Garuda Youth players in the middle of the field after the match. They did "Garuda Clap" with Indonesian supporters.

Friendly support from supporters also makes Palestine moved. This was conveyed by their head coach, Ayman Sandoqua, at a press conference after the match.

"Before talking about the match, I represented our party to thank the Indonesian supporters who supported us even against their own team. They were extraordinary," said Ayman.

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