Overthrown by Palestine, Andritany: This is a Collective Error

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Indonesian U-23 national team must accept the defeat of the Palestinian U-23 national team in the preliminary round of Group A 2018 Asian Games football at Stadiom Patriot Chandrabhaga, Bekasi, Wednesday (08/15/2018) night. Garuda Muda lost by a score of 1-2.

Indonesia National Team U-23 goalkeeper, Andritany Ardhiyasa also called this defeat could be a lesson for his team. Therefore, one of the senior players in the Garuda Muda squad emphasized, he and his colleagues would improve for the next game.


"Today there is nothing bad to play, all the same, we lose both. I think the quality of Palestine is one level above us. This is our fault, this is our responsibility as a team," Andritany said.

Persija Jakarta's mainstay goalkeeper also stressed, the opportunity for the Indonesia U-23 national team to qualify for the next round was still very open. Provided that Luis Milla's squad can wipe out victory in the remaining two games of Group A.

Next, Indonesia will fight Laos at Friday (08/17/2018). After that, Garuda Muda will play its final match in Group A against Hong Kong on August 20, 2018.

"We still have the next game against Laos. Our chances have not been closed if the two remaining games we win the match," he concluded.


Timnas Indonesia semangat 😎

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