Indonesia Vs Malaysia, Fakhri Wants Players Enjoy The Game

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Living dead action admits contra U16 national team Malaysia in semifinals AFF U-16 Cup, Indonesia national team coaches conducted preparatory U16 Fakhri Husaini. Preparation done Fakhri covers four aspects that are very decisive match in dinilainya later.

Four aspects that are physical, Fakhri monitored technique, tactics and attitudes of the players.

Through the preparation done, Fakhri claimed his team, as a whole, ready to entertain Malaysia. The Garuda penggawa Asia, U-16 national team nickname of Indonesia, also can't wait to try out the power of the army of the young Tiger of Malaya.

Two things particularly Fakhri in a match later. Fit the line of cooperation between the players ' posture and Malaysia.

"Malaysia team that was already made long, also from the aspect of her body posture is also quite good, similar to our players. Then their collaboration is also quite good. I'm sure they are the one team that's good, that's good so that they can escape to this round, "he said.

While the mental preparation, especially for seeing a pretty enthusiastic Indonesia supporters see this action, Fakhri said never imposes a target to its players.

"U-16 Player it is already clear that the target under-16 champion is not the main goal create these kids. But of course, as we appear to have entered the semifinals, we play in front of thousands of supporters who are so fanatical and creative, of course we do not want to disappoint them, "says Fakhri.

"In action-the action before we achieve a perfect score, grabbed a perfect score, that there has never been a target they must win. They enjoyed it very well that game, I would expect in this semifinal match players should all enjoy this game without any load, " he said.


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