4 Facts of Vietnam U-23 Coach, It turns out Ex Assistant Guus Hiddink

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The Vietnamese public is happy. Because the Vietnam U-23 national team squad managed to advance to the 2018 Asian Games semifinals after overthrowing the Syrian U-23 national team with a thin score 1-0 on Monday (08/27/2018).

The achievement has become a new history for Vietnam, which first advanced to the last four of the 2018 Asian Games. Previously, both the senior national team and the U-23 National Team Vietnam had never advanced to the last eight of the Asian Games since their first participation in 1978.

However, the success of Uncle Ho's troops cannot be separated from the role of Park Hang-seo, a clever coach from South Korea. Some time ago he also proved the ability to deliver foster children to advance to the U-23 Asian Cup final 2018.

  1. Achieve achievements in a short time

Park Hang-seo officially handles the senior national team and U-23 Vietnam since October 2017. Only two months won Vietnam, he immediately drove Vietnam to the U-23 Asian Cup final 2018.

Now, 10 months later, Park makes the Vietnamese public proud to return to talk a lot at the 2018 Asian Games.

  1. Former assistant Guus Hiddink

Park Hang-seo was one of the brains behind the success of the South Korean national team that qualified for the 2002 World Cup semifinals. At that time, Park became Guus Hiddink's assistant who became head coach.

  1. Never won a bronze medal at the Asian Games with South Korea U-23

Successful with Guus Hiddink, Park Hang-seo was given the mandate to handle South Korea U-23 which competed in the 2002 Asian Games.

The result was quite encouraging. He successfully presented a bronze medal with the Young Ginseng Country squad in Busan, South Korea.

  1. Park Hang-seo's target is still continuing in the AFF 2018 Cup

Park Hang-seo gets a target that is not easy from the VFF (Vietnamese football federation). He is contracted to accompany senior Vietnam and U-23 in the U-23 Asian Cup, 2018 Asian Games and 2018 AFF Cup.


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