Kevin / Marcus and Fajar / Rian Ready to Take Gold Target at the Asian Games

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The mens doubles sector of badminton is expected to contribute a gold medal to Indonesia at the 2018 Asian Games. Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo / Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Fajar Alfian / Muhammad Rian Ardianto will be the mainstay in the sector.

At the 2018 Asian Games, each participating country is allowed to send a maximum of two representatives in each badminton number. For mens doubles, those who will represent Indonesia are Kevin / Marcus and Fajar / Rian.

Kevin / Marcus and Fajar / Rian are the two best mens doubles currently owned by Indonesia. Kevin / Marcus sits at number one in the world, while Fajar / Rian is ranked ninth in the world.

The mens doubles number contributed a gold medal to Indonesia at the 2014 Asian Games through Hendra Setiawan / Mohammad Ahsan. This year, Kevin / Marcus and Fajar / Rian are expected to follow in the footsteps of the senior.

We are accustomed to being targeted by champions, if for me as a coach, the target becomes a challenge. But who runs the player, depending on the player, can you enjoy it or not? Can you overcome the pressure of being targeted by gold or not? said PBSI Mens Double Head Coach, Herry Iman Pierngadi, when interviewed by

Kevin / Marcus previously had disappointing results in the 2018 Badminton World Championship after losing to Takeshi Kamura / Keigo Sonoda (Japan) in the quarterfinals. The defeat made them more motivated to perform optimally at the Asian Games.

The results in the world championship are indeed out of hope. On the one hand, whose names failed, we will be disappointed. But, we see the positive side. With the defeat at the world championship, the sign is a warning for us if there are weaknesses and weaknesses that must be corrected. It has to be self-aware, we have to prepare ourselves again, let alone be our host, said Herry.

As for the game (Kevin / Marcus), we are aware that for a long time because the matches were recorded and studied by opponents. In the world championships there were many factors that made Kevin / Marcus lose. For the Asian Games, we did have a somewhat different strategy, anticipating Kevin / Marcus game that can be read by an opponent, he said.

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