Van Dijk-Gomez is good, Lovren can't get a place

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Dejan Lovren is seen as having trouble penetrating Liverpool's main squad this season. The reason is that the duo Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez are doing well.

Lovren actually became the mainstay of Liverpool's back line last season. Van Dijk's duet since the middle of the season is considered neat. The defender even appeared charming and took Croatia to the Cup Final.

Even so, Lovren returned to Liverpool after a post-World Cup holiday with an injury condition. He has pelvic problems and must be absent for about a month.

Lovren's absence was a blessing in disguise for Liverpool. Gomez as a coating instead performed well in the first two Premier League matches when Liverpool won 4-0 over West Ham United and 2-0 over Crystal Palace.

No doubt Arsenal's pandit and legend Martin Keown suggested the Reds retain Van Dijk's duet - Gomez in the heart of defense, even though Lovren was recovering from injury.

"Liverpool do have Dejan Lovren who will return (from injury). But, the most important thing now is to keep these two players (Van Dijk and Gomez). The brilliant defender pair is the foundation of the champions. Van Dijk and Gomez managed to show remarkable cooperation , "said Keown as reported by Express.


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