Everton Vs Chelsea Review

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Everton Vs Chelsea Review

The top four for the Premier League this a season will be a war zone between position number 3 to number 6 which is Chelsea. Chelsea lost the game due to lack of teamwork and understanding of each other.

Everton almost Sack their manager Marco Silva this Season before he was giving the privileges to play a game which is Chelsea and he finally won a game since 5 games on a row this season.

Everton were focused and determined because they don't want their manager to be Sacked. Everton played a very defensive tactics against Chelsea and the tactics was successful.

Richarlison scored the first goal for Everton in the 49 minutes of the match then Sirgusson scored another goal for them in the 70 minutes of the match bringing the score line to ( 2 - 0)

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