The world's favorite season is spring. Are you agree or not? Express your opinion

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Spring is a season that comes after the end of winter and before the start of summer. Normally in the spring season, the day becomes longer and the night becomes shorter with time. Similarly, the temperature rises as we move from start to end. As I already stated temperatures rise with time, so the white frost of the winter's morning converts to dew and mist.
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With the rise in temperature and sunshine, the plants sprout and the seed starts germination. In some regions of the world, it rains for hours and days which increases the stream of rivers and canals. Sometimes this increase becomes the cause of floods.

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In short, Spring is a season that gives new birth to nature, because seeds germinate, birds start nesting, animals interbreed and migratory people start migration.
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Spring is my favorite season. What is your favorite season?????

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