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Welcome my dear readers.I want to tell you about an interesting project.The project is quite tempting from an investment point of view.And I can safely say that investments in this project will bring very good money. And so
SpringRole is a decentralized professional network platform based on certification and powered by blockchain. It is a platform on which people can view, share and receive certifications in their professional profile, thereby creating a verified resume that they can reuse. The reputation of any social network depends on many factors. The information provided by registered users plays a special role in this process. The more reliable data you will want to leave about yourself, the faster growing network. Despite the value of the information, authorized members of the system who spend a lot of time on the platform and add valuable content do not receive financial rewards. Instead, funds are credited to corporate sponsors.

SpringRole developers want to eliminate these problems and create a more convenient, transparent environment for users to interact with social networks. A professional network service is a great way to find a job or move forward in your career, as well as a source of profit and opportunities for communication. Important examples include LinkedIn, Viadeo, XING, Open Science Lab, Wisestep.com, C-Profs.som and Hall.com Oh? SpringRole will use blockchain capabilities to allow employers to verify employees 'credentials, experience, and requirements without unduly impacting these employees' privacy and eliminate fraud from user profiles. Blockchain helps to protect the approval and accounting records of the members, it does not provide a reliable method for curating and Dating. Thus, a reliable summary will be obtained, which can be safely used for various purposes. SpringRole was founded in Los Angeles in 2014 by Kartik Mandeville and Hank Hwang. Their idea was simple-to help employers to make informative job descriptions with the mandatory entry of keywords (usually the mention of "skills"). Then SpringRole "fed" description of your search algorithm candidates, analyze the keywords and then offering hundreds of resumes.


The algorithm took a summary of the databases of the USA and India , in the amount of 85 million profiles.Startup Mandevile and Hwang has been claimed. His services have been used, for example, Dollar Shave Club, SpaceX's Elon musk and known manufacturer of gaming console, Owaso time Mandeville and Hwang faced with the fact that the applicants have specified the wrong data about yourself to attract the attention of employers.

So Mandeville had an idea to repurpose SpringRole towards a professional network for verification and certification of "skills". The entrepreneur took blockchain as a basis.
The pros of the platform are that you:

  • You can use the platform's features to make it easier to record details about yourself and your work experience.
  • Connect with the right people . An intelligent algorithm that can offer you the right people in your area as well as groups related to your area of work. By teaming up with people who are in the same realm as you, you can expand your network and communicate your abilities to others. In addition, you can also look at his profile to learn more about his colleagues.
  • Joining the right group. The group concept is much more effective. If you are for example a seller of gadgets, then you can join a group of like-minded people and discuss pressing issues.
  • Job search. This is due to the fact that you can search for jobs, just as if you need employees, you can also search for them on the platform!
  • Brand building . With the use of a professional network service, there are more convenient features with which you can enter your brand along with your company's growth statistics.

He wrote the Whitepaper project in September 2017.

How it works?
SpringRole – decentralized professional network, the LinkedIn counterpart to the blockchain. If you think that LinkedIn easily "eat" green competitor, I advise you not to jump to conclusions. In LinkedIn, it's easy to create a fake resume or ask your friends to support your "skills"with pluses. In SpringRole it's impossible.


In the structure SpringRole there is nothing difficult:

register (the authors promise to support all current devices and operating systems) and start a profile;
add data about education, jobs, achievements and skills;
you can personally request confirmation of all positions indicated in the summary – with the help of a special Protocol. SpringRole is expected to be joined by companies, universities, etc.;
an employer who stumbles upon your resume and is interested in it, too, is free to request verification from companies and universities (if you have not already done so);
fake accounts that have not been verified / certified will be "banished".

Details ICO
Ticker: SPRING (ERC20)
Total tokens: 10,000,000,000
Tokens available on ICO: 2,550,000,000
Hardcap:$ 12,000,000 (softcap collected)
The price of a token: 1 SPRING = 0.00002 ETH
Presales Start on June 1, the minimum amount of investment: 10 ETH
Public sale: from 1 to 31 July 2018, the minimum investment amount is 1 ETH.

The team and advisors tokens are frozen, and with each step of the roadmap, they can be removed for further development. I.e. tokens of the team parts will be released within 4 years, tokens of advisors - 2 years.
Quite high individual Kappa coupled with the hard freeze that is bound to the implementation of paragraphs of the roadmap, hinting that the team approaches the project with full responsibility
A small hardcap, by the standards of the current ICO. Softcap is already assembled on a private sale, where the minimum investment amount is 100 ETH!
SPRING tokens are required for transactions on the platform. Want to confirm your qualification? Stay in touch with old employers. It will not do without ratings and feedback from ex-chiefs and colleagues – reputation is built on their basis.

Attestation of other users is a good passive income. The creators of the platform will introduce a referral program, but its mechanism is not yet described. Token holders will receive some bonuses, including access to the premium features of the platform.

SpringRole boasts comfortable and minimalist interface. By design, it resembles LinkedIn, but not so bulky – all the functions are in sight. There is a possibility to send messages and a system of recommendations. Implemented quality search along profiles for employers – probably talking about the same system, which previously were kernel SpringRole. For third-party developers, SpringRole, unlike LinkedIn, is open, which means that it will constantly have new features and services.
More Info:
Official website: https://springrole.com
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3556999.0
Bitcointalk Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3602729.0
Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/k5nghff
Telegram: https://t.me/springrole
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpringRoleinc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/springrole/
Medium: https://blog.springrole.com/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SpringRole/
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1725951

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