Our new Website and community channels are live!

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Hello Everyone! We got a small update for you. Our new website is up and running and we have prepared many social media channels for our community. You can find our new website at spotshot.io. To stay up to date please register for our newsletter at the bottom of our page or join our community channels.

enter image description here

We have prepared channels on Discord, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, Steemit, Telegram(Chat), Telegram(ANN), Twitter and YouTube! Please join the channels you prefer!

Our new website was designed by our Lead Designer Jakob and I think he did a great job! There are more segments and features coming soon. As Salim has said in our previous post we are creating an app for challenges. In the app overview section of the website you will find some insights as to how the app works. We would love to get some feedback from you. You can either comment here on Steemit or write us an e-mail at [email protected].

I would love to hear from you,

CEO @ SpotShot


Grandissimo! Looking forward to more updates guys :)

what you will do or make exactly?
discord link dont work
on the other links there is no more information.
commercial shit?
need better PR ;-) (joking)

We are creating an app for challenges, a new social media platform :D
Think of Instagram where you have a feed filled with interesting challenges. There are no ads. Companies and users have to create fun challenges instead ;)

Every post on the platform will be a challenge and the challenge creators can add rewards to the challenges. It could be a physical reward like a shoes, a car, makeup or a digital reward like movies, games or coupons. We also want to tokenize the system and that would mean you could win token too! Brands can create fun challenges to increase engagement with their brand. There is so much more to tell you but I think you have to wait a bit more for our whitepaper and future blogposts ;)

There is some insight in how the app works on our website if you haven't checked it out yet.
Thank you for you feedback! I checked the discord link and it directly links to the channel and I saw someone joining recently after the blogpost was published. Could you please try again and tell me what exactly doesn't work? What do you mean by there is no more information on the other links? There is not much to find because we just started building the community on various channels.
What do you mean by commercial shit? This is not purely focused on companies but on growing a community in a totally new setting revolving around challenges. There won't be classic and boring ads as you know them from facebook and other social media networks. If you want attention you will have to create a good and fun challenge :D

We have not yet started doing any PR, just preparing ;)
There is a lot more to come. I hope you follow us on our journey!

  • Mersad

I wait and see what you mean exactly.
Thanks for this answer.
Maybe you got a trailer?

Follow us for future updates ;)
An explanation video is in the works.

Hey, my bandwidth is chaotic!
My sister made this Profil as a gift for me. She said it is easy to use... But I don’t know Why i can’t write do often.
Sorry for this.
Everything is new here.


So, i was looking for your app.
But only this I found.
It’s the wrong or?

Where do I find yours?

Best wishes


Of course not. The app is in development as mentioned above. We are in a prototype phase right now and only our Lead Dev Marcel has a test version at the moment.

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