Hope Karateka Indonesia (Rizki Amalia)

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primero open

The athlete of Karate Fighter Antika Club (FAC) Rizki Amalia (16) won the gold medal in the Primero Open Championship National Karate Championship 2019 held at the Jakarta GOR Ciracas, yesterday.


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"This is my third gold medal during the karate competition," he said.

The students of SMAN 1 Cikarang Barat called Amel are very fond of sports since they are still sitting in junior high school.

"For me Karate've become a daily routine that guns can I leave. Although I was also active in some other positive activities such as dancing, drama, mountaineering Sampe motor racing, but karate remains the main after school, "said Amel who practiced in the Dōjō FAC of the Inkai Sekoci TWI Cibitung Bekasi's dojo.

Both his parents, fully supportive of his positive and creative activities. "As a teenager, I'm indeed a productive pengen in pursuit of accomplishment. Incidentally I'm a kind of person who guns easy to give up and like to explore something new, "Obviously the belt Brown Kyu 1 Inkai this.