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RE: Vikings & Panthers to fight it out in the trenches - going UNDER (SportSteem NFL)

in #sportsteem5 years ago

Matchup wise I just can't see the Vikings being stopped. Both sides of the ball they're so consistent. Where the Panthers you have no idea what teams going to show up, but for the importance of the game to the Panthers and being at home I do see it being a close low scoring game. Just seems to obvious haha.


Exactly @kryptocek! I'm with you on that - I'm thinking the Vikings win this, but I don't see the Vikings keeping up in a shoot out, so I'm predicting it won't get to be a shootout (or one-sided blowout by Carolina)

Ahh so hard to predict, but I do agree safest bet is Vikings and the Under. Some absolute great games this weekend too. The two late afternoon games? Doesn't get much better than that!

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