NFL Week 7: Odd-Week Jags will literally (i.e. figuratively) end the Colts franchise

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The line I'm seeing right now is Jacksonville -2.5 at Indy. I suspect this line is actually just a typo at Unibet, because it should be Jags -20.5, at least. Listen, we're in week 7, which means the Odd-Week Jags are coming to play. If you haven't been paying attention, the Jags are 3-0 in odd weeks, outscoring their opponents by a combined score of 103-23. By comparison, they're 0-3 with a combined score of 53-87 in even weeks.

This is some bizarre shit. I'm getting a real TNT Bulls vibe from this Jaguars team (for the uninitiated, The Ringer has a comprehensive write-up of that NBA oddity here:

There's no reason to get into the analytics here. The only number that matters is 7. Week 7. The Odd-Week Jags are back on the warpath and will take this game by a landslide.

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Can't argue with this, @huckleberryjive! @brendanwenzel - what are your thoughts on these Jags of yours?

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