NFL Week 6: Picking against the Browns because free money

in sportsteem •  2 years ago

The Browns, who are now 1-20 with Hue Jackson steering the ship, are heading to Houston to take on the 2-3 Texans. The Texans are laying 7.5 here, and the cover is probably a safe pick, but I'm just taking the money line. It's an unambitious pick, sorry I'm not sorry.

Houston comes into this game without Watt and Mercilus so I don't have a great feel on how this defense is going to perform. And the Browns have a weird history of keeping up teams that they shouldn't (although, make no mistake, the Browns still lose all these games), so keeping the loss under 7.5 seems like a real possibility. But obviously I'm not going to pick the Browns to cover anything, because that would be insane.

All in all I feel like basically anything could happen in this game, with the exception of the Browns winning.

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