Pats & Steelers - Going OVER

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Nothing about this match-up makes me think it will be low scoring. Both defenses have been pretty banged up. Gronk is back and receiving passes from a pissed off Brady.

Ben Roethlisberger probably won't throw for 500 yards again this week, but I expect him, AB, Leveon Bell, JuJu, and Chris Boswell (the 4th killer B) to put some points on the board.

Here comes a shootout in arguably the most important game remaining in Week 14.

Patriots and Steelers are going OVER


Hopeful Ju Ju plays, rookie of the year IMO

I hope so too, but there have been a couple others that may get the nod (Kareem Hunt being another offensive player but with a few defensive players I feel like may win the recognition). If JuJu was on a team with fewer weapons, I think he'd do far better.

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Would have gone over it that last Pittsburgh TD had stood, or they had tried it with a FG. Just glad my boys won...

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