Patriots at -2.5 at Steelers - I'll take Belichick and pissed off Brady over the squeaking-by Steelers

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After the Chiefs dismantled the Chargers (Rivers, WTF - play like you're only one score behind not 4 scores behind), this Steelers v Patriots match-up is the ticket of the weekend.

The Steelers have reeled off a bunch of wins in a row, and one bad night in Miami does not make the Patriots a bad team, so I think this will be a good game. I'm basically thinking the Patriots win this however they need to and I see -2.5 at Unibet so I'm thinking this is basically a ML pick with slightly better payout.

These are both good teams and there's something to be said for the Steelers seemingly pulling out come-from-behind (out of NOWHERE) wins seemingly each week, but it will eventually catch up to them. And I don't think predicting it to catch up to them against New England is bad money.

If Brady can close out the season with more performances like Weeks 1-12, instead of Week 13, I think everyone will forget Week 13 and hand him an MVP. I expect him to play smart and win tomorrow. Ben Roethlisberger may throw more, but I expect him to be playing from behind, AGAIN, and with Antonio Brown being unreal (what else is new).

I'm also expecting this to go over - look for a quick post on that pick too.

Pats to cover in Pittsburgh. Excited for this game!


Love the analysis, and as a Pats fan, I hope you're correct!

Your prediction's now tracked! *** New England Patriots -3.0 (1.95) @ Bovada ***

Your pick hit the blockchain 884 minutes before gametime.

Thanks for joining SportSteem and Good Luck!

Bah! Haha oh well, what a great game and at least I didn't get matched at -3.5.

I didn't notice it was tracked at -3. I thought you got -2.5. I think it was that at most places.

I agree. New England has Steelers' number for some reason and Rob Gronkowski is back for the Patriots for this game.

Wow, what a great game! Back and forth and lots of drama. I regret not picking the Patriots spread instead of the ML though.

@johnhtims - so close!! What a game though, that was wild

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