Chargers to take the lead in the AFC West during SATURDAY game against Chiefs (SportSteem NFL)

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OK, I'm a bit of a homer for the Chargers but I think they may be able to pull this off. If they beat the Chiefs tomorrow, they'll be 1st place in the AFC West after starting 0-4. That would be incredible.

I was at the game a few years back in Week 17 when the Chargers needed a few things to go right in the early Sunday games and they'd have to beat the Chiefs to get a playoff berth - this was after needing to win the last 3 or 4 games to even have a shot. The Chiefs' seed was locked, so they started their 2nd stringers. The Chargers won in OT, after the Chiefs kicker missed a FG at the end of the game. Sometimes, the Chargers get no breaks. And sometimes they get all of the lucky breaks.

Now, why do I think this game will be the Bolts' W? Rivers, Allen, Gordon, Henry on offense. Hayward, Ingraham, and Bosa on defense. They're complete. They are playing HARD. The Chiefs' stellar play from the beginning of the season is a distant memory (was it even real when they beat the Pats in week 1? I'm sure Andy Reid, Alex Smith, Kareem Hunt, et al. are wondering what's real anymore). Chiefs have also lost key players during the season, but everybody reverted to their means. They're not bad, but they're watching it slip away and can't seem to do anything about it.

I think Chargers will win this against the Chiefs and their playoff run will be more than a pipedream.


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I was one of those who bought into the hype of KC's fast start. Not proud of it now. lol.

I dislike this pick. I think fading Alex Smith right now probably makes you a square. Chiefs to run roughshod.

I definitely bought into the hype early on too. Figured Kareem Hunt would dominate throughout the season, carrying the Chiefs to the playoffs easily. Didn't end up working out that way (unfortunately for my fantasy team lol).

thing is it remains to be seen whether it was hype or not. chiefs aren't dead yet. my personal belief is that killing brady on TNF opening night was not hype but fact. and the same will play out as the postseason comes on.

You might be right. KC has a 7 game winning streak against the Chargers and their win against Raiders last week could be a hint that they're about to revive their season.

They were legit. Something changed - not sure if it was just all of the pieces falling apart at once or everybody figured out how to gameplan for the Chiefs after seeing them in action or what, but it's one of the more interesting storylines this season in my view.

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