Celtics to cover against the Spurs

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I've done poorly this season on NBA so far - I should have waited for more games to be played!

Celtics have been amazingly resilient, and their rookies have really stepped up to the plate during this first third of their season. Be-masked Kyrie is thriving, and the team seems to be working well together, showing that their streak earlier this season wasn't a fluke.

The Spurs are, unsurprisingly, a good team. A very good team. Kawhi has been MIA but the team, under legendary coach Popovich, will make a deep push into the playoffs (remember, you heard it here first - no one else making BOLD claims like that - hah!)

For the game tonight, I have to think the Celtics can cover (if not outright win) even though they're in the Spurs house. Should be a good one, kicking off this weekend right!


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I don't think any team would welcome the opportunity to face a healthy Spurs squad in the playoffs. Who knows what would have happened last year in the playoffs if Leonard was able to stay healthy.

@johnhtims - Kawhi is an incredible player - we're in a great time for competitive basketball, at least at the top (Cavs, Celts, Warriors, Rockets, Spurs, and probably at least one team someone is going to chirp at me about lol)
NBA is actually exciting during the regular season this year with some interesting storylines - I feel like that past 5 years have had an 82 game preseason!

Wow. Tough beat. You lost by half a point.

Blarg! @johnhtims, always next game!

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