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The Marca Legend award held in Madrid was held this year by CRISTIANO RONALDO.

Portuguese superstar CR7 questions posed at the award ceremony: Manchester or Real

CR7; For me it was all special, all valued but Real Madrid said it was even more special.

The city of Madrid has given me many things both in my football and in my personal life. My kids grew up here. I have a special love for Madrid. I'm sorry to leave Real Madrid.

MARCA LEGEND AWARD winners since 1997;
Michael Jordan (basketball), Pele (football player), Carlos Sainz (rally player), Diego Armando Maradona (football player), Rafael Nadal (tennis player), Lionel Messi (football player), Michael Schumacher (Formula 1 driver), Fernando Alonso (Formula 1 driver) ), Luis Aragones (coach), Vicente del Bosque (coach) and Ronaldo Nazario

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